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Taxi Poortugaal - cabservice.nl

If you're visiting our site, you've probably heard of cabservice.nl: we are thé taxi company for transport to and from Poortugaal and the port of Rotterdam. If you have used our taxi service before, it will be needless to explain our standards to you: quality cabservice at the best price.

Poortugaal - port of Rotterdam

As we are situated along the A15, there is always a taxi nearby: between the Maasvlakte and Charlois in Rotterdam, and between Brielle and Barendrecht. Of course we can take you to or from all major destinations for a reasonable fee.


Taxi Poortugaal - cabservice.nl
Phone +31 (0)6 2021 5550
E-mail info@cabservice.nl
Chamber of Commerce 62051229

Payment options

Besides cash payment, you can pay with a Maestro card or any major creditcard.

payment options

Where to find cabservice.nl?

* our taxi's 24/7 standby for you here!